Compassion – Speaking With The Purpose Of Intention vs Attention

This girl was very famous back in 1998, but she recently came back and learned from her mistakes. Watch, listen, and learn from the lessons of Monica Lewinsky. She talked about cyber bullying which is very rampant, but preventable if we all work together on eliminating it. The talk is inspiring, and if you’re one of those who looked at her so badly in the past, set that aside for a moment and watch what she says.

Simple Yet Amazing Morning Habits That Could Be Turning Points For Your Health and Wellness

Just a few hours ago I’ve written a short post about how students, or even a typical individual can learn from the titans of technology when it comes to achieving success. And, I think part of being a successful person is to stay healthy and in tuned with the awesome resources of wellness. Although, it’s unfortunate Steve is gone now due to a health condition that affected him, hopefully this can remind us how vital health is in every day life. Being a student, specially college students who are already busy with lots of things as this stage is a preparation for something bigger, think about how can incorporate health and wellness in some way within your daily routine.

When I was still studying back in high school, I do regular exercises like jogging for 10 minutes along with stretching and body weight exercises. It was fun and healthy, at the same time. That was my first glance and understand that being healthy makes a person happy and efficient on what he/she do. Although, I’m not the most genius in the class, in fact, I’m not in the top 10, I can still recall those days when I do exercise, it made my entire day a lot easier to go along. In short, no stresses and feel a lot happier.

You can do the same, and here are a list of some common healthy ways you can do first thing in the morning prior to engaging on a busy student’s typical day. Of course, it can include some of the extra activities with someone special, or just hanging out with friends inside or outside the campus.

Be An Early Worm

This should be on a priority list for every student. Be an early worm means to wake up early. Of course, you have to have at least 5-7 hours of sleep depending on a person, but in my case 5 hours of quality sleep is amazing. Being able to wake early in the morning makes it easy to fit in a fantastic day ahead of you. If you’re a night owl, which is the reverse of the human natural clock, by the way, try to get into the natural cycle of your internal clock, and you’ll find it more satisfying, peaceful and quiet.

I understand that some are doing their student matters at night but don’t over do it that you end up sleeping midnight or even after midnight. There are ample of time during the day to do student matters, you just have to prioritize and set aside less important things and prioritize the most important ones. In other words, shift back to the normal turning of your internal clock. It might be difficult at first because you get used to being a night owl, or in other word, you made it a habit already. But, you can do it, there is no such a bad habit that cannot be break for someone who is persistent.

Additionally, whenever possible wake with the circadian rhythms where you see morning lights and chirping birds while catching the sunlight, you’ll be the first one to glimpse when the sun rises. Unfortunately, this could vary from season-to-season, but why not wake up an hour before it happens. It’s fun, and I don’t know what mystery about it but it’s also a good time to have a silent time with yourself. I’m talking about short meditation, and doing light stretching, which I mentioned later in this article.

And, by the way, if you want to learn more about circadian rhythm, watch this video below as it explains more;

How Circadian Rhythms Tunes Ones Health

Refresh Yourself With A Glass Of Warm Lemon Water

Making it a habit to drink a glass of lemon water upon waking lubricates the body’s internal systems. Compare it to an oil for the Tinman. If you don’t have lemon with you, which can happen from time-to-time, just drink a glass of water at room temperature. It helps a lot for the body rehydration process. Although, we don’t do a lot of things while we’re sleeping except for breathing, our body’s internal organs and systems don’t sleep and don’t take a break.

Scraping Your Tongue

If you’re not scraping your tongue, you might want to do it the earliest possible. Overtime, it is necessary to do it every morning, but if you’re not doing it right now, scrape you tongue every morning. It’s part of a having a proper dental hygiene. This prevents morning bad breath, as well. So, shop yourself a tongue scraper at stores near you, or check it out online at

Additionally, there are some brands of toothbrushes that are designed with tongue scrapers or cleaners usually built-in at the back of the bristles. Yours might have one already, and you may or may not using it. If you’re not using it, start using it the next time you brush your teeth.

Perform Stretching Exercise Routine

Doing light stretches in the morning upon waking helps signal your muscles to wake up mode and have them ready for the rest of the day. Watch this video if you don’t have any idea on stretching. It does not need to be Yoga-type stretching, but if you can do it, the better.

Additionally, you could also do some energizing massages on various points of the body. This technique has been used for thousands of years, and it’s good to know that some people are teaching what they know about it. Donna Eden is very good what what she called Energy Medicine, which I’ve included a part of the video below.

There is no fixed limit as to how long you should do stretching. Do stretching as long as you can…maybe for 5 minutes, or 10 minutes. No exact limit, and soon you’ll be able to notice how long is right for you when you do it very often and make it a habit.

Take A Few Minutes of Silence (Short Meditation)

It’s really helpful and healthful to sit down and take a quiet moment for a few minutes doing meditation. Don’t worry, if you’re thinking about those grueling hours meditation by monks, you won’t be doing it. Instead, just take a few minutes to clear your mind meaning without thinking anything, but simply focusing in breathing.

Short meditation does not need you to sit in lotus position, just sit down on a chair or floor as long as you’re comfortable. However, it is a requirement that you should sit with your spine straight. The spine is an extension to the brain, and sitting upright helps you pay attention or focus. If it’s your first time meditating, there are lots of good meditation tutorials in YouTube, go through the tutorials. Don’t expect to be a master of it the first time as it takes practice. Trust me, your effort you put into practicing meditation won’t be in vain because I have real life experience with it.

Overtime, as you get more comfortable with meditation, you can always take it further by taking it to a more advance level. Hopefully, when that time come, you’ll be able to notice the amazing health benefits of meditation when done correctly.

Here’s one video explaining the basics of meditation…for beginners;

Face In The Mirror And Smile To Yourself

Smile On Mirror

I first learned about facing on the mirror by means of developing self-confidence from Claude Bristol’s Magic of Believing. This really is an effective, and if you think it’s silly, it is but go through it because it will pay off in the long run. If you have room mates with you and you’re afraid of being ridiculed, do it inside the bathroom.

When I was in college, I didn’t knew this technique. However, today we have a big mirror placed near the front door. Everyone in the family has been practicing smiling on yourself at the mirror. So, before we go out the front door and head to work, or vacation, or some other reasons, we stop a few seconds in front of the mirror and smile.

You should do so also, and if you’re in fear of being ridiculed by colleagues or roommates, the mirror inside the bathroom is your friend. Also, toilet mirrors at schools and malls are also helpful. Just take a glance of yourself and say positive things in a silent fashion. Soon, you’ll notice you’re already building up your confidence with yourself.

There you have it, and I know it’s just a few but I’m certain this can get you started easily. You don’t have to them all at once, but pick one that you’re comfortable doing first. Then, do it consistently and once you’re in a habit of doing it, apply another technique and make it habit, and apply another next time. The key is to make it your habit because once it becomes a habit, it’s easy to do and stick to it even for life.

Lessons From The Titans Bill Gates and Steve Jobs

I know this video is not new, but I wanted to post it here not for the purpose of promoting of either Mac/Apple or Microsoft. Instead, I would like you to watch or watch again this interview of both Steve Jobs of Apple/Macintosh and Bill Gates of Microsoft. Seriously, if you’ve watched it already, what lessons did you get from these technology titans?

The first time I’ve watched it 2 years back, I was thinking about who will dominate the computer industry. However, as I’ve watched it and watched it again and again, I realized there was really not much competition between the two giants. In fact, there were some sort of cooperation at the beginning. Perhaps now different specially that Steve Jobs is gone, but hopefully the vision is still the same.

Watch the video, and especially right at the end where both guys answered questions from the audience. They were asked about what advice they can give to starters. I was particularly interested on Steve Job’s respond that really passion or doing what you love has a lot to do when it comes to achieving success. This is very important for students because as we know and it’s really a prevalent fact anywhere in the world that majority of students simply go to school study without knowing where they’re going.

I was one of these types of students when I was studying from the very beginning until college. I though that when I graduate in college I would have a great life and amazing lifestyle. However, it was not the case and I realized later in life that knowing what you really want in life can one in the right direction and be able to persevere during hard times. Combine what you really want with passion, it becomes irresistible.

So, here I present you the two titans in technology particular in computers. Watch and listen to what they say with attention and you’ll be able to catch a deeper understanding on how they become what they are today. Of course, Steve is not here anymore, but his legacy will live on as long as we see Mac/Apple computers in the market, and Bill’s amazing philanthropic work has helped and benefited millions from all over the world.

Healthy Snack Choices For Students

Check out these amazing power foods for students that can truly help during studies and during classes. Ditch the chips and instead pick any of the healthy brain-boosting foods listed below to fuel a productive study.

Keep in mind, to be efficient and stress-free with your education, it is vital to feed the body with good and health boosting foods. What you eat determines your performance throughout the day. If you eat those unhealthy unprocessed pre-packaged foods from the supermarkets, or often buy ready to eat fast foods, you’ll suffer, in the long run.

So, as a student practice maintaining good health and fitness best practices and that starts with food. Eat healthy food, and you’ll perform better, less stress, and highly likely to stay motivated in pursuing your dreams to reality.

Blueberries (Fresh and Frozen)

Flavonoids are compounds or chemicals found in blueberries are helpful brain boosters. Similarly, flavonoids can also found in dark chocolate, which is mentioned later in this article. It helps improve memory, learning, and general cognitive functions. It could also assist in slowing down age-related decline in mental function.


Freeze blueberries during the summer to enjoy fresh, brain-boosting smoothies, and blueberry muffins throughout the entire year even when blueberry season is over.


Though avocados have fat, it is the right kind of fat, which is good for the body. It is called monounsaturated fat that contributes to healthy blood blow.


Add half of an avocado to your typical sandwich or salad allowing its benefits to increase and provide healthy impact. It can also add a creamy flavor to it.


The primary fuel for the brain is glucose, which comes from carbohydrates such as oats. Since the body breaks down the carbs in whole grains very slowly, oatmeal is one of those healthy carbohydrate sources that keeps you sharp for a long hours.


Mix oats, milk, raisins, and cinnamon in a bowl and set in the refrigerator overnight. Upon waking up and having prepared going to school, you have something to grab quickly for breakfast that is healthy and satisfying. It’s one of those quick meals, that don’t get involved eating fast foods with highly processed and unhealthy foods in it.


Many types of nuts including cashew, walnuts, pistachios, and almonds contain high levels of essential fatty acids that help the brain to perform at its optimal.


Buy nuts in the bulk section of your local health food store and split them into snack bags to save money and make an easily portable healthy snacks at school.

Wild Salmon

Salmon is rich in Omega-3 EFA(essential fatty acids) that are critical for brain function. Omega-3s additionally contain anti-inflammatory substances, which makes the heart and cardiovascular health functions at its best.

Smoked Wild Salmon

Smoked salmon makes an excellent pre-study snack with crackers and low-fat cream cheese. If you haven’t tried it, this is the time to get into it.

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate Drink

One study conducted found that consumption of a cocoa beverage that is rich in flavonoids, a crucial ingredient of dark chocolate can boost blood flow to vital areas of the brain. It has also been found to have a positive impact on other parts of the body for 2 to 3 hours when it comes to improvement in blood flow. This is the reason dark chocolate is considered an aphrodisiac foods and very popular during Valentine’s day during intimate encounters.

Freshly Brewed Tea

Natural ingredients such as the amino acid L-Theanine contain in a cup of tea help boosts brain power and increase the level of alertness. A cup of tea can give the lift you need to finish that last hour of writing a paper. Consider green, or black tea if you can want an extra boost with caffeine, or herbal tea if you prefer caffeine-free.

Brewed Green Tea

7 College Boy’s Tips On How To Meet and Talk To Gorgeous College Girls With Effortless Confidence

For most typical college boys, having an effective concept on how to meet college girls inside and outside the campus is somewhat puzzling, and to be honest, not many men possessed this unique skills in meeting women with effortless confidence. This is specially true for high school, and inexperience college boys who tend to repel or shy away with women. In addition, some are tend to be comfortable with not so-gorgeous women, but when it comes to fine and beautiful women, the shyness prevails.

Meet College Girls

There’s no wonder why a lot men are asking similar questions over and over; what kind of special powers does this average Joe possess…why it’s so easy for him to meet and talk to women of any level. In fact, we’ve seen a few of these average guys inside and out of the college campus seen as favorite by women, beautiful and gorgeous women from various walks of life.

Take note, majority of these average Joe we’re talking here are not that intelligent or good at their classes, or don’t have any luxury possessions such as money and cars, but still they’re a magnet to girls. You may actually experience this if one your buddies posses the same women-magnet quality, but you just can’t seem to grasp what is really going on.

Well, to be honest… these average Joe’s have certain quality in which college girls like to enjoy when they’re with him. In this article, we’re going to divulge these qualities and characteristics in order for a guy to become a magnet for women.

  1. Become Popular – Women specially young college girls like to to admire, trust and be courteous on you if you’re a popular guy. In fact, simply by being popular triggers some women the want to date you. Of course, don’t expect everyone to be pleased by your popularity, and don’t freak out on that, and simply go with the one’s who accepted your popularity.

    When I say become popular, you don’t need to be a celebrity. Simply go out and talk to them whenever you see them. So, instead of sitting right at the corner alone, hangout with women and in the room. Join the discussion, and be friendly.

  2. Be Funny – Seriously, funny guys or guys with good sense of humor meet and liked by women most. Personally, I can attest, if you can make a girl laugh or enjoy with your sense if you humor, it’s the first big step, and if you want to engage her with you, the next steps are so much easier. So, instead of talking political matters, or any topic in a serious manner, make them somewhat funny, but not to a certain extent you’re insulting anyone in the group.

    It has been well-established that if you can make others enjoy or laugh, it breaks down anyone’s defensive barriers around you. Doing so, warms up both your personality and yourself, plus making those around you being comfortable and happy. People of any levels, all ages, and from various walks of life want to be happy. If you can make them happy, you fulfill their wants or needs to be happy.

  3. Get Excited and Make Every Day Different – This seems to be difficult, but in reality it is not. In fact, knowing how you can enjoy yourself on a daily basis is easy and it’s a good way to reduce or even eliminate stress. Happy people are a magnet of anything, and if you’re a college boy who want to be with gorgeous women, be happy because they will be drawn to you. This alone is a significant women-magnet factor for a man like you.
  4. Be Interesting – At first, you might find this difficult, but with constant attempts and be with women, you’ll be able to find it very simple. This is one of the most effective means of attracting women’s attention towards you, and by attention means you magnetized them because they’re interested on you, on what you want to tell them next, and how you’ll present it to them. It’s not necessary to dance when you talk to them, or be a poetic when you talk, it’s just somewhat making your punch line catchy and interesting.

    Make the way you talk memorable and easy to comprehend. Dress properly, but not overkill. This tip is somewhat closely connected to “Be Funny” tip, but it’s more of how you present yourself, and the way you use words or combination of words and phrases to make them very interesting for women.

  5. Dress For Success – Well, I’ve got that phrase from song by Roxette(dressed for success). Let’s face it, no girl whether a college or professional women would like to hangout with a guy that looks like a street guy who has not changed dress for months, or perhaps a guy that looks like a drunken man who doesn’t comb his hair, and brush his teeth. In short, care for you hygiene. You don’t need to look like a business actor, but find yourself dressed neatly, respectable, and smells good.
  6. Accept The Fact You Are The Pursuer – Don’t expect women to be magnetized to you immediately. You have to make the effort, and once you gained that confidence, this becomes effortless. Also, don’t be so focused on it, but also with your studies. Remember, it’s your primary responsibility to study and achieve success in college, and having to meet women in an effective and effortless manner is just secondary, although it is a great source of inspiration during your studies specially if you engaged with someone as your regular date.
  7. Tap Into Women’s Cute Brains – This is a different and somewhat not being mentioned in some tips available online, or anywhere else. It’s about training and using your mind in a psychic way to think women and let them think about you. Sounds magical? Not at all, but you need more practice on this, and perhaps more focus. Just like learning meditation, it takes time. The first step you can do is to visualize you’re talking to women, or to someone you admire most every day whenever you can. You may call it day dreaming, but I call it visualization.

    However, make sure you’re visualizing it in a positive way and not in a negative manner. For instance, if you want to talk to someone you dearly admire, and talk to her alone with you, visualize your conversation with her in a positive manner. Make her answer or agree positively with you and feel the actual effect of it. Do it regularly, whenever you can. And, when the time comes the opportunity presents itself and it seems it’s the chance you’ve been visualizing, act on it immediately. Simply visualizing and not acting when the chance presents, is just day dreaming. This is your chance to make the thing you visualized a reality.

The emphasis of having to know where to meet college women is additionally a helpful factor in which you can dig deeper into gaining more confidence meeting them. Mostly, college girls hangout on both public and school libraries, salon, beauty shops, bars and disco houses, university canteens or coffee shops, malls, and of course parties. Know where you can meet them, try to hangout with them. Be cool, but don’t be over-confident where you are not being cool for women anymore. In short, be yourself.

And, simply knowing these tips without applying them won’t make you progressed towards what you want. Practice makes perfect, and to build that confidence, always practice meeting women anywhere. And, don’t just meet women, but all kinds of people and try to project yourself and aim to become magnetic every time. If you want to dig further about the many tricks and ways to gain confidence in meeting women, there are loads of resources you can read online, or, you can check the Tao Of Badass, which is a practical guide for men in order to be successful with women.

7 Tips and Steps For Choosing A College Major That Suits You

For some students, choosing a major is a no-brainer. The know exactly what they want to do in life and what major will help get them in their way. However, if you’re in the roughly 80% of students who head to college “UNDECIDED”, choosing a field of study can be an overwhelming journey.

For serious students, you should start doing your research about going to college as early as your first day in high school. Ask friends, or family members who have recently enrolled or have just finished college. Consult with them what are their experiences and things you should know when it’s your turn to get into college. Consider asking things like size of the school, whether it’s public or private, available programs and extra-curricular are offered.

Here’s a fact; 80% of students who are bound to college after graduating high school choose their college or university without having a clear idea of what major they are going to take.

Don’t be with these 80% as it is very important to succeed not only school but in real life to have a clear goals in mind about what you want to be and what do you love and want to do for the rest of your life. There’s no wonder there are only a fraction of billionaires and millionaires compare to those who are broke and do not know what they want to do in life except to work and work. The financial individuals call this the rat race.

Recall Past Experiences

Think about over your high school years about things you enjoyed doing and had success with it easily. What things you were passionate on? And, Was it something you would like to pursue after graduating college?

Recall Experiences

These are some of the important you should ask yourself in choosing your major. And, don’t just ask yourself with these questions but answer them with all of your heart. Doing so allows you to find your true passion in life and it’s always better to start earlier, as the earlier you start, the better you are prepared and discover what you really want to pursue for the rest of your life.

Change Can Do You Good

Simply because you declared a major doesn’t mean your decision is set in stone. While this can be costly and time-consuming, it is an option. The more research and soul searching you perform as time passed by, the more likely it is you’ll stick with a major that can help you along in achieving what you really want in life in terms of your career and even with your personal ambitions.


And, do you know 50% of students who declare a major change their mind often more than once? If you’re among these 50%, don’t be disappointed. But make sure, you do have a clear goal in mind about what you want to be and nurture that objective, and out of nowhere, you will be guided by your inner conscience about what major to take as long as you take this researching in a serious effort.

Seek Out Mentorship


Once you have identified your potential career path, try to find someone in that role who can offer or share advice and insights into career opportunities, day-to-day tasks, expectations on compensation or salary, and tips on how to balance well your personal life and work.

Look At The Big Picture

Big Picture

Evaluate what is required for your degree such as types of classes, number of years to complete studying and graduate, student loan, etc.

Do What You Love Doing

Although the job market’s demand is certainly a wise consideration, make sure you’re interested in the field you are about to pursue with your major. Simply going for jobs that are currently in-demand with good salary and job security are hardly worth it if you are not happy with the field you choose.

Do What You Love

On the other hand, if love what you do even with a small starting salary, you will be able to stick with it because you will be satisfied and happy with the work or career and you are in tuned with the people you are working with. And, if you demand more when it comes to salary and financial security or even freedom, you are more likely to get it because you love what you do. It’s your passion.

Allow yourself some time to explore in details the various areas of study before making a decision on what major to take when you to go college. Always begin with your passion, or things you love doing because through this, you will have higher chances of succeeding.

Don’t Rush To Decide

Never Rush

If you still not sure about a major, sign-up for a variety of basic classes to explore different subject areas. What you like might surprise you. However, for the few who already have a crystal clear goal, this may not be necessary.

Ask For Help

Academic Advisor

Use academic adviser as a resource because that is what they’re for, to help undecided students pick their major. These people can help you come up with an informed decision such as adding or dropping your current course choice to assessing your strengths and goals.

These steps are not definite. Instead, use them as your guidelines to get started in choosing your college major. As suggested, it is better to start early. So, if you’re a high school freshman reading this article, list down these tips as it can help a long the way in choosing with major. Unless, you’re one among the few people who have a clear plan, these are not necessary. Instead, I urge you to check and read Dale Stephens Hacking Your Education. This book is also good for young students who go to school aimlessly, as this book can give you good insights that could fit your desired ambitions in life.

As always, with young and wild at hearts, always put your priorities to achieve a good life in the future. Although, there are times when people at young age could involve in various intimate activities. When that happens, make sure you don’t get into something that can hamper your studies.

Dale Stephens Talks About Hacking Education – Does School Matters?

Dale J. Stephens author of the “Hacking Your Education” published in early of 2013, which is available at brings a different viewpoint towards the what to expect in one’s talent, innovation, and most of all, EDUCATION. Dale is a popular expert in education who appears in major news outlets like TechCrunch and NPR; and huge established networks including Fox, CBS, ABC, and CNN. In addition, Dale’s work has been hugely recognized by New York Magazine, New York Times, and on organizations like Fast Company and Forbes.

Hacking Your Education By Dale Stephens

At the age of 20, Dale leads a social movement that helps students enable to mold and develop their own education. In, May 2011, The Thiel Fellowship selected Dale among the hundreds of men and women from around the globe as a Thiel FellowTheil Fellow.

Dale’s Hacking Your Education book provides practical learning guide towards acquiring skills in which schools are not able to teach to their students. These skills are essential in acquiring one’s freedom in the real world and succeed in anything whatever one wants to pursue. In Dales’ talks at TED he shared some of the important insights and ask the question “Does School Matters”? Notice, he did not said, “does education matters?”.

During the last few decades, the word “hacking” is popularly associated with computers, hence the word “hackers” become the norm in the online world, and sadly associated with the bad guys, who are known as “crackers”. Well, let’s set aside that as it is somewhat confusing, but let’s clear up what “hacking” means. Hacking is originally and Old English word haccian related to a Dutch word hakken, and German work hacken.

Since the day I can remember the first time I encountered the word hacking, it is always associated with negative notion. In reality, however, the word hacking means making something that is quick and effective, testing the limits and boundaries about things commonly done, and trying to improve what are already existing. However, like majority of things, it can either be utilized in a positive or negative way.

Today, hacking is applied in many aspects in life like bio and brain hacking, a lot of people apply in the world of computers either through hardware or software, some people apply in when it comes to achieving beyond what the human body can achieved, at least with current science viewpoint on penis size enlargement, which was also a topic covered previously, and among numerous other things. Take this for instance, those great inventors like Thomas Edison, and business tycoons like Henry Ford can be considered hackers. Why? For the reason they didn’t accepted what the current technology back in their times, and instead go further to discover they can do more and achieve better advancements. They were right, and now we enjoy their hacking achievements.

Without further ado, watch and listen to what Dale has to say…

Checkout Dale’s Stephens’ Hacking Your Education available at It’s a book that provides practical tips towards acquiring better education not being taught in schools. Also, keep in mind the true meaning of education, which comes from the Latin word “educo” (educate or to train) meaning do develop from within. There is more to explore about education, and the only way to discover more out of yourself is to know yourself more every day.

Lastly, here’s Dale at two-parts interview “Conversations with Great Minds”.

Ways On How To Get A Scholarship For College Education

Today, education can be expensive. One solution is scholarships. There are several types of scholarships that can act as a guiding hand in helping you get educated well. So how do you get a scholarship? We will cover how to get a scholarship and other essential topics in this article.

In this article on how to get a scholarship, we will cover the following topics:

Who Offers Scholarships?

Scholarships are an amazing thing. In a world where education at college and other tuition places can be expensive, you may think that you can’t afford education. Luckily there is an option and it comes in the form of scholarships.

Scholarship Opportunities

There are several routes to getting a scholarship, and these include the following opportunities that are widely available today;

  • Schools
  • Employers
  • Individuals
  • Companies
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Communities
  • Religious Groups
  • Professional Organizations
  • Social Organizations

What Scholarship Options Exist Today?

Scholarships come in many forms. They all are generally merit based – in that you fit particular criteria. For example, there are religious scholarships which are given out based on religion. There are scholarships for minority groups such as native American scholarships.

Hoping to get a scholarship that covers everything, from tuition to stay to other expenses? There are scholarships for that to. It is called a full ride scholarship. Appropriately named. See my tips later on how to get a full ride scholarship.

Scholarship Options To Consider

What To Consider When Seeking A Scholarship Option

There are several things to consider when it comes to getting a scholarship. These points are essential in getting the right scholarship for you. A scholarship is great. It can open so many doors and also allow you to get educated for free! To get there though, the first thing to consider is the requirements.

With many students getting student loans to study, there is a reason why scholarships are not available to everyone and that is due to requirements to get the scholarship. So be sure to find what they are and if you qualify!

Timing is another important point. Scholarships generally have a date that applications need to be in by. Finding out ahead of time is a good thing and will allow you to put your application in on the right time for the right time when you want to study.

Scholarships are not guaranteed. With many students going through student loans, scholarships are a way that allows people to get education when they fit those requirements.

If you are wondering how to get a full ride scholarship, be sure to research well. Generally if you the best in your school, then you will have more of a chance to get the full ride! However, doing research will help in finding where and how to get a full ride scholarship.

Scholarship Applications

How To Apply For Scholarships

If you are wondering on how to apply for scholarships, the best thing to do is asking family if they can help. There are some good and bad points with this. By getting family to put up money for education – it can be expensive for them. Also it might not open many doors, but it is an option to consider.

Next on the list for how to apply for scholarships is to ask where you studying now. They may have ideas. Asking friends also can open many doors.

One other interesting aspect is when companies offer a scholarship. Let’s say you work somewhere or want to. The only problem is the financial and the education. Some employers will pay your way through college and it means you have a job at the end of it!

There are many ways to get scholarships.

Ok, so what do you do when you found a scholarship option?

Contact the place and find out further details. Ask them about when you need to apply to be able to study at the date you want, and also ask how to apply for scholarships. They will give you the information on what requirements they have and also the process on how to apply for scholarships there.

College Study Tips Worth Considering For Freshmen

Do you want to discover some of the best college study tips? Do you have an exam coming up and want to find some college exam study tips to help you succeed? This article will not only look at these aspects but also look at college study habits to help you succeed in education and in life.

College Study Tips

So you want some college study tips. All through this process you want to succeed at what you do. In this article, we will look at the following college study tips:

The Best College Study Tips – Know You!

There is an old admonition that states – man know thyself! Or in a more today view, man or woman know thyself!

Knowing Yourself

Understanding yourself is possibly the most important things you should do. You are with you each day. You have ups and downs, happy times, and let’s hope more happy times.

Understanding yourself is possibly one of the greatest college study tips.

If you know you rhythms when you best study and when it’s not that time to study, then this can help you get into your own rhythm. Sometimes we have better times to use our minds, being creative and also needing physical action.

Essential College Exam Study Tips For Students

An essential in college exam study tips is knowing your own ideal study method. Most people are stuck in dyslexia because they don’t know their ideal study method.

These main aspects for learning;

  • Visual – This is where you study visually. The lecturer shows something, you read something, etc.
  • Auditory – This is where you study by listening. Lecturer is speaking, you are listening to audio, etc.
  • Auditory Digital – This is where you think! Thinking about topics you are studying is the greatest way to learn.

Find out what is your strong point and if your education doesn’t provide that, then it’s time to use the internet to learn!

Study Habits

College Study Habits That Will Bring Success

Good college study habits follow good education practices. What happens on your first day? You get a timetable. This shows that planning is an essential for success. Plan in your study time ahead of schedule and keep to it.

Exercise may seem like it is not good college study habits for students, but exercise helps the brain and body get into the flow to study. Try it!

To form good college study habits, it is important to know what you going to implement from reading this article, and start doing it.

Things To Consider When Planning To Study Abroad

Are you looking to study abroad? There are many benefits to study abroad. Find out more about study abroad scholarships and study abroad benefits. Find out some essential tips in this article to get the most out of your education when you study abroad.

Study Abroad

Students, we will look at these following points in this article to study abroad:

Why Study Abroad Instead Of Locally?

You may be wondering why you should study abroad instead of studying locally. Locally is easy, but when you study abroad, you are now in new ground, so why go through all the hassle to study abroad?

When you study abroad, you can find better education than you might find locally, and you may find better prices in some instances.

If you go to a country with lower living costs, you will ultimately find that you can gain access to education that is cheaper. Whereas if you go for a more expensive country to study abroad, you will likely find higher costs.

Abroad vs Local

Finding The Benefits In Studying Abroad

Studying abroad offers many benefits. Study abroad benefits are many. You can be sure that when you study abroad, you will find that you have access to a new country. If you plan to live in that country, then studying in that country will offer you big study abroad benefits.

If you are looking for better education, then you likely will need to travel unless you born in a place that has the best college or university outside your door!

For most people travel is essential, and if you have looked through your options and found a great place to get your education from and it requires you to study abroad, then this is a good starting point to get the best education for you.

Often specialized subjects and topics need traveling to a distant place to get the education you need.


Study Abroad Scholarships – A Way To Get The Best Education For Almost Free!

Good grades can open many doors. In many countries there are study abroad benefits such as study abroad scholarships which can enable you to study for free.

You generally have to pay for other living expenses but study abroad scholarships allow you to get that education right now.

As your tutor, teacher, lecturer in your current place of education if there are any study abroad scholarships and what are the requirements.


Some Tips For Students Looking To Study Abroad

  • If you can find study abroad scholarships then this can save a lot of money.
  • If you looking at the option to study abroad, then make sure you select the best place to get education from, and make sure your enrollment is done before leaving.
  • If you looking to study abroad, then be sure to factor in the costs. Will you need to get work out there?