Study Smarter Not Harder – Students’ Smart Study Tips Worth Considering For Better Grades And Learning

When I was a student from the very beginning of education up to college, I was raised and nurtured to study longer hours and even staying late at night specially when examinations are fast approaching. It was good, but information and learning retention was very low. As a matter of fact, over 90% of what I’ve studied during my college days alone have been forgotten even some of those lessons important to my profession.

Fortunately, as I go along with life, I’ve discovered new things and ways to learn. One study finds focus and performance can be best achieve in small time chunks. This is also applicable in studying. Now, although I don’t want to go back to college, I’m always a student learning many things in various aspects in life. In my experience, the best way to learn is to do it in small chunks indeed. The information sticks a lot better and along with a few notes for important parts of what I’m learning, it’s easy to recall, and when I recall it, it sticks.

Additionally, watch this video for more smart studying tips. If you follow all of these or at least follow some or even one of these tips, you’ll be on your way to better learning and higher grades.

Lastly, there are many books in which you can read to learn more on how to study and learn faster and smarter. Taking your time to make this initial investment in learning smarter while you’re still a student can be very beneficial once you’re in your chosen career. Learning is a continuous process even if you’re already working for a living, you’re still learning and through this continuous learning process you become better as a person and on your career whether as an employee or a business owner.

Do What You Love Doing and Follow Your Dreams – Achieve Success!

Here’s an inspiring video with quotes from successful people we know today. Achieving success is not just about having to graduate, but to do beyond that and achieve what you really want in life and contribute to positive change in humanity. Persistence always wins, but in order to stay motivated and pursue your dreams, go and do what you love do to. Listen to your passion and take it to the next level until success is at hand.

Success Is Always At Reach If You Persist and Listen To Those Who Are Successful Already

If you want to be successful in life or business, you should listen to those who are already enjoying success. Here are 50 of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time who share their secrets to achieving success. Determination and persistence matters, but it’s also important to take consideration on things you love because if you love it, you will persist.

Watch the video and watch it over and over until the message reaches into your subconscious and make it part of you.

The Importance of Handwriting and Why You Should Keep Doing It Even If It’s Easy On The Keyboard

Today, with staggering rate of computer development, keyboards are very common medium of writing even with phones today are well-equipped with touch pads where it function as keyboard and navigation. It seems these days the old fashion hand writing has been forgotten. However, new research findings proved that pen is still mightier than a sword.

This is important for students who are get to used typing on a computer and spend a lot less time doing handwriting. Well, in today’s fast pace and hectic environment, you definitely need a faster way to write and finish that report or thesis on time. Sure, keyboard is great for such huge writing jobs, but if you’re setting and writing goals, make sure you handwritten it.

Most highly successful people don’t forget their pen and paper. In fact, they always have both at hand whenever they want to write a journal even if they have electronic devices that can do better because they know there is a power in handwriting. A research back in 2011 found that handwriting strengthen learning process, which means if you handwritten your goal there is a higher chances of you working towards it in order to materialize it.

Additionall, another research conducted in 2014 on college students revealed the importance of handwriting. So, don’t forget your pen and paper combination when it comes to writing small things but probably achieve big changes in the future, and one example of this is goal setting, writing reminders, and even love notes to your significant other.

Good Handwriting – Good Grades

Here’s another good reference about why writing by hand is important specially with children. In 2012, a research was conducted on children found, the better the handwriting link to good grades.

Now that you know that an old fashion way can still have huge impact on self-development specially for students whether in kindergarten, or graduating college students. Take it further when you graduate and achieve some great achievements and model those highly successful individuals because they still write by hand.

Graduation “Words Of Wisdom” From Commencement Speeches

For graduating college students, there is no more inspirational than a commencement speech. Of course, it depends on the person speaking and how knowledgeable he or she is, and how he or she applied that knowledge as proof of his or her success while speaking in front of the graduates encouraging each and everyone to pursue their goals and dreams.

Below is a video that contain various excerpts commencement speeches.

Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 2010 Emory Commencement Address

First Lady Michelle Obama Tuskegee University Commencement Address

Obama at ASU: Commencement Speech

Bill Gates Harvard Commencement Address 2007

These are just a few among the (probably) thousands of inspirational commencement speeches available at YouTube, and they’re all free to watch. Search YouTube for commencement speeches, and even if you’re not a graduate, yet… you can absorb many of the lessons taught on these speeches. Don’t just watch and listen to them, instead ponder on them, and try to make these inspirational speeches are your map or guide towards your ultimate success.

Ponder This “Persistence and Determination Alone Are Omnipotent”

The title of this blogpost is part of former U.S. President Calvin Coolidge, that states;

Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.

I first stumbled this quote in Dan Peña’s website particularly on this particular newsletter he posted. I just came to know this guy when I watched LondonReal’s interview, and I think the guy is brilliant. Although, he has a bad taste on his mouth, but he is brilliant in my opinion. If you want to watch one of the interview with Dan conducted by Brian Rose, watch it as I embedded it below. And, if you’re a student who needs more encouragement for future achievements, get into London Real website as Brian interview a lot of successful people in their respective field.

For now, I encourage you to watch this interview and I’m certain you’ll learn something of a value from it.

I decided to post this because when I was in college, I didn’t find much of these materials. These materials are very helpful and that quote alone by former President Coolidge is a great wake up call for students. It’s true and I’ve seen this over and over again in every culture I’ve been that talent, knowledge, genius, and education are not guarantee for someone who possess one or all of these.

It’s true, school is a great place to learn, but it is our choice to follow and do our deepest desires and goals by applying what we’ve learned. Although, some of the greatest minds said that knowledge is power, in reality it is not. Knowledge, genius, and talent are only potential power, and unless one direct and apply it towards achieving success in his/her chosen field, these will remain potential power.

These materials I’ve shared here are very helpful supplemental stuff for a students either you’re in high school or college. The video interview above runs for almost 3 hours, but it’s worth watching and even worth watching the second and third time. Dan actually said in an interview, he only have read 10 or 15 books but he read it over and over. And, I have to agree with him as I’m a fan of audiobook, and listening to an audiobook several times tends me to find more of the important stuff that I missed when first listened to it. Yes, there are numerous people and successful people who encourage to read more books to get ideas, but if you have difficulty reading more books and have difficulty remembering all those information, stick on reading your favorite books, and read it over and over and eventually the real purpose of the book will jump out of you.

Financing Your Dreams

After watching that Dan Peña’s interview, watch this video, and I’m going to add another audio interview of his right below this financing your dreams video, which is about achieving super success.

…and here’s another one but not a video but an audio interview with Dan Peña…

Again, these interviews are long, but it’s worth the watch. Hence, before starting to watch and I advice you to watch this during time when you won’t be disturbed particularly during weekend when you don’t have much things to do. Grab yourself a cup of tea, or tea along with healthy snacks. Personally, I like to watch inspirational videos during morning time after I do my healthy morning routines. Additionally, if you’re in an intimate relationship with someone whether a student or not, watch together as these materials are so empowering. It has also been found effective that giving yourself accountability along with your partner tend to increase higher chances of retaining the information and applying the information learned.

Another thing I can advise is that, don’t simply watch and listen to these just as you would watch a TV show. Instead, grab a pen or pencil along with paper and take note important things you hear. Taking notes is a powerful tool to remember important things. With that in mind, watch these stuff over and over, and to do that, you can bookmark this page to have easy access to it in the future.

Useful Intimate Tips For College Students Without Sacrificing The Studies

If you are in college whether you’re just getting started, or somewhere in the middle of your study, certainly, it requires a lot of time to devote and concentrate on studying to achieve good grades. With that said, it doesn’t means you don’t have any other needs in your life as a student.

Intimacy In College Students

For instance, you might have a need for a relationship and a requirement for sex. If your sex life is share nonexistent, you could be searching for suggestions on exactly what you are expected to do, or must I share get with the program. If you are, please continue continuing reading.

To have intimacy with another person, or with the opposite sex, you first should get out, meet, and socialize with other individuals. Exactly how you do so must also depend upon your wants and your requirements, in regards to intimacy. Are you just trying to find a good time, or perhaps would you like to experience a full-blown intimate relationship?

If you seek an intimate relationship, consider about attending campus events including concerts or theatrical shows. You may likewise want to join a college run activity like charity group or organization. Doing so, allows you to meet other individuals at your age with the same interests as yours. Having a relationship with someone who has the same interest as you makes the relationship happier and more fulfilling.

Students Attending Concert

Certainly, it is a good experience to have a relationship, however, for some students time might be an issue when it comes to serious relationship commitment while studying in college. This is rather rare, but obviously there are many out there who fall in this situation. This is the main reason some of those who fall in this situation would just want to have a good time here, there, and everywhere. Sounds like a Beatles’ song, right? Things like these do happen in the real life in college.

Fortunately, for those in this situation, there are activities that are worth considering events like social gatherings in or outside the university. Most of these social gatherings or parties tend to take place during weekends, and since there is not much to do at this point, attending it should not be a problem.

Student Bar Gatherings and Parties

Another fantastic activity worth considering is going to a nearby bar. Bars are very common establishments that are packed with young students who want to have fun during weekends. Here, you can meet and hangout with other college students at your age in all walks of life who are willing to get along and have fun even interested in intimate hookup.

In fact, casual sexism is very common in many colleges and university these days. Getting into this kind of relationship, knowing what is safe sex is crucial. As a young college student, it is crucial to recognize the significance of safe sex even though there is a lot to discussed when regard to this subject.

Never engage in an unprotected sexual intercourse no matter whom you have sex with. For college girls, birth control like pills does not protect against any sexually transmitted diseases.

There is nothing even worse or life changing than understanding if you get STD(sexually transmitted disease) even if it is treatable. It’s not only embarrassing, it’s humiliating, risky and hinder your studies. Never let the absence of safety ruin the bright future ahead or hinder you achieving good grades that you spend a lot of efforts during your college years.

Another thing worth considering when it comes to male college students is participating in a survey or clinical tests in the subject of sexual health. One particular instance of this was a survey conducted on a team of football players measuring their penis size. In young men, it is a very common thinking about the penis size when it comes to sex. Majority of men especially those without sexual experience think size does matter.

Another example of this happened within the documentary where a few men participated on which method can possibly increase a penis size. The young students were given one particular product or device and instructed to use it for a period of time. Their initial size was measured and will be measure again after the specified of the study is finished. The study have proven, penis enlargement is possible through certain devices or products.

Moreover, it is important to maintain your expectations. If you are searching for a relationship, do not automatically presume that your brand-new sex partner is too. As previously mentioned, those who invest their nights at parties in bars aren’t always searching for a serious relationship.

Have fun and be safe, however, do not immediately begin thinking that the person you are in a relationship with is and will for life is “THE ONE”. Thinking it this way typically trigger difficulty and might end up broken hearten when something goes wrong. Don’t let anything affect you and your future, or becoming excellent at what you want for your future career that you are working hard to achieve.

The bottom line, going to college is even more than simply getting high grades and beginning your future. It is likewise about having fun. Sexually active students can continue to obtain their satisfaction while studying at the same time. Always remember to think what is right and decide what you think is supposed to be done. Numerous university student has numerous sex partners so your possibilities of capturing a sexually transmitted illness increased exponentially.

Compassion – Speaking With The Purpose Of Intention vs Attention

This girl was very famous back in 1998, but she recently came back and learned from her mistakes. Watch, listen, and learn from the lessons of Monica Lewinsky. She talked about cyber bullying which is very rampant, but preventable if we all work together on eliminating it. The talk is inspiring, and if you’re one of those who looked at her so badly in the past, set that aside for a moment and watch what she says.

Simple Yet Amazing Morning Habits That Could Be Turning Points For Your Health and Wellness

Just a few hours ago I’ve written a short post about how students, or even a typical individual can learn from the titans of technology when it comes to achieving success. And, I think part of being a successful person is to stay healthy and in tuned with the awesome resources of wellness. Although, it’s unfortunate Steve is gone now due to a health condition that affected him, hopefully this can remind us how vital health is in every day life. Being a student, specially college students who are already busy with lots of things as this stage is a preparation for something bigger, think about how can incorporate health and wellness in some way within your daily routine.

When I was still studying back in high school, I do regular exercises like jogging for 10 minutes along with stretching and body weight exercises. It was fun and healthy, at the same time. That was my first glance and understand that being healthy makes a person happy and efficient on what he/she do. Although, I’m not the most genius in the class, in fact, I’m not in the top 10, I can still recall those days when I do exercise, it made my entire day a lot easier to go along. In short, no stresses and feel a lot happier.

You can do the same, and here are a list of some common healthy ways you can do first thing in the morning prior to engaging on a busy student’s typical day. Of course, it can include some of the extra activities with someone special, or just hanging out with friends inside or outside the campus.

Be An Early Worm

This should be on a priority list for every student. Be an early worm means to wake up early. Of course, you have to have at least 5-7 hours of sleep depending on a person, but in my case 5 hours of quality sleep is amazing. Being able to wake early in the morning makes it easy to fit in a fantastic day ahead of you. If you’re a night owl, which is the reverse of the human natural clock, by the way, try to get into the natural cycle of your internal clock, and you’ll find it more satisfying, peaceful and quiet.

I understand that some are doing their student matters at night but don’t over do it that you end up sleeping midnight or even after midnight. There are ample of time during the day to do student matters, you just have to prioritize and set aside less important things and prioritize the most important ones. In other words, shift back to the normal turning of your internal clock. It might be difficult at first because you get used to being a night owl, or in other word, you made it a habit already. But, you can do it, there is no such a bad habit that cannot be break for someone who is persistent.

Additionally, whenever possible wake with the circadian rhythms where you see morning lights and chirping birds while catching the sunlight, you’ll be the first one to glimpse when the sun rises. Unfortunately, this could vary from season-to-season, but why not wake up an hour before it happens. It’s fun, and I don’t know what mystery about it but it’s also a good time to have a silent time with yourself. I’m talking about short meditation, and doing light stretching, which I mentioned later in this article.

And, by the way, if you want to learn more about circadian rhythm, watch this video below as it explains more;

How Circadian Rhythms Tunes Ones Health

Refresh Yourself With A Glass Of Warm Lemon Water

Making it a habit to drink a glass of lemon water upon waking lubricates the body’s internal systems. Compare it to an oil for the Tinman. If you don’t have lemon with you, which can happen from time-to-time, just drink a glass of water at room temperature. It helps a lot for the body rehydration process. Although, we don’t do a lot of things while we’re sleeping except for breathing, our body’s internal organs and systems don’t sleep and don’t take a break.

Scraping Your Tongue

If you’re not scraping your tongue, you might want to do it the earliest possible. Overtime, it is necessary to do it every morning, but if you’re not doing it right now, scrape you tongue every morning. It’s part of a having a proper dental hygiene. This prevents morning bad breath, as well. So, shop yourself a tongue scraper at stores near you, or check it out online at

Additionally, there are some brands of toothbrushes that are designed with tongue scrapers or cleaners usually built-in at the back of the bristles. Yours might have one already, and you may or may not using it. If you’re not using it, start using it the next time you brush your teeth.

Perform Stretching Exercise Routine

Doing light stretches in the morning upon waking helps signal your muscles to wake up mode and have them ready for the rest of the day. Watch this video if you don’t have any idea on stretching. It does not need to be Yoga-type stretching, but if you can do it, the better.

Additionally, you could also do some energizing massages on various points of the body. This technique has been used for thousands of years, and it’s good to know that some people are teaching what they know about it. Donna Eden is very good what what she called Energy Medicine, which I’ve included a part of the video below.

There is no fixed limit as to how long you should do stretching. Do stretching as long as you can…maybe for 5 minutes, or 10 minutes. No exact limit, and soon you’ll be able to notice how long is right for you when you do it very often and make it a habit.

Take A Few Minutes of Silence (Short Meditation)

It’s really helpful and healthful to sit down and take a quiet moment for a few minutes doing meditation. Don’t worry, if you’re thinking about those grueling hours meditation by monks, you won’t be doing it. Instead, just take a few minutes to clear your mind meaning without thinking anything, but simply focusing in breathing.

Short meditation does not need you to sit in lotus position, just sit down on a chair or floor as long as you’re comfortable. However, it is a requirement that you should sit with your spine straight. The spine is an extension to the brain, and sitting upright helps you pay attention or focus. If it’s your first time meditating, there are lots of good meditation tutorials in YouTube, go through the tutorials. Don’t expect to be a master of it the first time as it takes practice. Trust me, your effort you put into practicing meditation won’t be in vain because I have real life experience with it.

Overtime, as you get more comfortable with meditation, you can always take it further by taking it to a more advance level. Hopefully, when that time come, you’ll be able to notice the amazing health benefits of meditation when done correctly.

Here’s one video explaining the basics of meditation…for beginners;

Face In The Mirror And Smile To Yourself

Smile On Mirror

I first learned about facing on the mirror by means of developing self-confidence from Claude Bristol’s Magic of Believing. This really is an effective, and if you think it’s silly, it is but go through it because it will pay off in the long run. If you have room mates with you and you’re afraid of being ridiculed, do it inside the bathroom.

When I was in college, I didn’t knew this technique. However, today we have a big mirror placed near the front door. Everyone in the family has been practicing smiling on yourself at the mirror. So, before we go out the front door and head to work, or vacation, or some other reasons, we stop a few seconds in front of the mirror and smile.

You should do so also, and if you’re in fear of being ridiculed by colleagues or roommates, the mirror inside the bathroom is your friend. Also, toilet mirrors at schools and malls are also helpful. Just take a glance of yourself and say positive things in a silent fashion. Soon, you’ll notice you’re already building up your confidence with yourself.

There you have it, and I know it’s just a few but I’m certain this can get you started easily. You don’t have to them all at once, but pick one that you’re comfortable doing first. Then, do it consistently and once you’re in a habit of doing it, apply another technique and make it habit, and apply another next time. The key is to make it your habit because once it becomes a habit, it’s easy to do and stick to it even for life.

Lessons From The Titans Bill Gates and Steve Jobs

I know this video is not new, but I wanted to post it here not for the purpose of promoting of either Mac/Apple or Microsoft. Instead, I would like you to watch or watch again this interview of both Steve Jobs of Apple/Macintosh and Bill Gates of Microsoft. Seriously, if you’ve watched it already, what lessons did you get from these technology titans?

The first time I’ve watched it 2 years back, I was thinking about who will dominate the computer industry. However, as I’ve watched it and watched it again and again, I realized there was really not much competition between the two giants. In fact, there were some sort of cooperation at the beginning. Perhaps now different specially that Steve Jobs is gone, but hopefully the vision is still the same.

Watch the video, and especially right at the end where both guys answered questions from the audience. They were asked about what advice they can give to starters. I was particularly interested on Steve Job’s respond that really passion or doing what you love has a lot to do when it comes to achieving success. This is very important for students because as we know and it’s really a prevalent fact anywhere in the world that majority of students simply go to school study without knowing where they’re going.

I was one of these types of students when I was studying from the very beginning until college. I though that when I graduate in college I would have a great life and amazing lifestyle. However, it was not the case and I realized later in life that knowing what you really want in life can one in the right direction and be able to persevere during hard times. Combine what you really want with passion, it becomes irresistible.

So, here I present you the two titans in technology particular in computers. Watch and listen to what they say with attention and you’ll be able to catch a deeper understanding on how they become what they are today. Of course, Steve is not here anymore, but his legacy will live on as long as we see Mac/Apple computers in the market, and Bill’s amazing philanthropic work has helped and benefited millions from all over the world.